giving someone the time to charge their batteries.

With so many causes out there, its hard to choose just one. But that’s what we’re doing.

As a believer in community, giving to others, and unlocking potential, its hard not to notice people along the way that need help. And so we find ourselves scurrying. Without focus–we wanted to change that.

Nashville is a beautiful community full of organizations not defined by their profit. We call them “for-impact organizations.” There’s a lot of potential for impacting the world around us staring at us from our back porches. Many of them are itching to unlock the potential of their reach and some are tired and need a recharge.

We decided to start something to make a difference. We wanted to re-charge their batteries. We wanted to help them unlock change. This is the inspiration behind Free Charge, QCMG’s annual pro-bono campaign–selecting one deserving organization and give them more than a fighting chance at change by giving them a “free charge.”

Since our inception 5 years ago, our desire has been to give at least 10% of our time, treasure, and talent to others. 10% is our starting point, not sacrosanct. Our feet are definitely more than wet, we’ve learned how to swim in the deep end–and all the other metaphors you can insert here. It’s time to make an even bigger impact, proportionate to our growth. And after taking some notes from our friends at Matchstic, we wanted to do the same.

As a branding studio, we help create the power of focus through tying organization’s goals together through seamless design strategy and execution, spreading the mission of their organization through delightful relationships and deep-rooted emotions. It became very clear it was time to do likewise for ourselves. Potential is not just limited to business or personal–but rather the humanity we surround ourselves with. That’s our reach.

So we’re starting by choosing an organization who can deeply benefit from our services, launching them farther than they could ever do alone or through little “here and there” projects. In doing so, our goal is to create an energized brand that radically can charge their batteries and experience change on a deeper level.