Brand Audit

digging deeper into brands

Answering questions is relatively easy.
Asking the right question is more difficult.

–Michael Cronan, Cronan

You can’t hit a homerun, if you’re not in the ballpark, nor if you always hit foul balls. You need to understand the rules of the game, where home plate is, and where each line is in-play. This is exactly what the brand audit determines.

The Brand Audit process at QCMG provide you with an objective, business-based insight into the qualitative and quantitative perceptions of the voices that define your brand:

Ultimately, the brand audit is an essential starting point for your brand’s movement forward towards the future you want to create.

A solid brand identity requires business acumen and business-based design strategy and thinking. The brand audit is the first priority, enabling you to understand the organization: its mission, vision, target markets, corporate culture, competitive advantage, strengths and weaknesses, marketing strategies, and challenges for the future.

With QCMG, a brand audit helps you understand where you align in regards to your customer, your industry and your competition. Move too far towards your customer, and you’ve maligned your competition. Too progressive in your industry, you’ve foul-balled your customer. The magic in playing “baseball” is understanding the congruency between brand equity and loyalty–ensuring evidence-based decisions. 

The deliverable of your Brand Audit is a formal presentation.

The brand audit is the first stage opening up the possibilities that a more strategic, focused brand identity system can bring, ensuring both brand loyalty and brand equity are congruent.

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