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Brands are intangible assets and account for, on average 75% of the value of a company. – Blake Deutsch

Brand identity is tangible and appeals to the senses. You can see it, touch it, hold it, hear it, watch it move. Its everything you know about a brand, on all dimensions. Its not the logo, but everything that the audience touches in every dimension of your commercial world.

Your brand identity fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and makes big ideas and meaning accessible. It takes disparate elements and unifies them into whole systems. Together, its embodies and advances the company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions.

Standing out amongst your competition is never enough. Your product can be better, work better, and be everything they dream of and more. But what if you disappeared tomorrow, would you matter?

We make brands that speak to people and connect with their lives in genuine and memorable ways that last, ensuring you matter.

It starts by delving It into the heart and head of your organization, discovering who you currently are, who you need to be, and how to speak the verbal and visual languages that are going to connect best with those you are more focused on,

This creates a brand that is natural, fulfilling, contains delight, and enriches lives, creating an energized brand.

An energized is defined by being naturally attractive. It creates natural relationships, excited patrons, and movements beyond sales.

Branding Services

Every race starts with a finish line in mind. Brands are measured the same way–according to the goals, vision, and strategy required to build meaning and last. And you can’t get there until you know where you’re starting. For many, the goals are the same, but the starting points differ.

Through a brand audit, we dig deep into the core of who you say you are, who you audience says you are, and delve into the perspective your stakeholders, well, hold.

By understanding everything that defines and provides meaning to your brand now, we are able to guide and help visioneer the strategy for your brand’s future.

The right name is timeless, easy to remember, stands for something, and facilitates growth. It sounds pleasing. A well-chosen name is more than an asset, its the core of where you start. It conveys the essence of your organization by what it means, what it says, and what it doesn’t say. So you’ll need some help.

At QCMG, we examine the people who you want to connect with, the core brand message, vision and promises. Then, we tackle a process of brainstorming to ensure that your new name can stand the test of time and stack up against other brands, creating a name that is meaningful, distinctive, positions you for growth, is protectable, and is visually appealing.

Once the right name is chosen, we visually and verbal help you distinct your brand with the correct positioning statements, allowing you to articulate your brand message in a variety of combinations–ensuring that you and your audience can easily know what your brand stands for, simply and succinctly.

With an almost infinite variety of shapes and personalities, brandmarks fall into a variety of categories. From literal to symbolic, word or images, the world of brand marks requires careful thought and planning.

While being the main-face of the brand, it serves a variety of purposes for an organization and its audience–both practical and emotional, functional and formative, literal and abstract.

At QCMG, creating your brand mark starts with where you’re at. Whether a start-up, growth, or mature business, we examine your brand against the marketplace and your vision, identifying what strategy and needs arise.

We help guide and create the visual and verbal look-and-feel of how you express yourself, creating the tangible perceptions that convey the core of who you are, ultimately allowing you to move forward with the brand equity you need to launch, revamp, or restore your business to the next level.

Creating brands is a highly conceptual process that is uniquely juxtaposed against the literal and functional aspects of a company’s organization and culture. They must synergistically coexist and flow interchangeably as vision comes from the top and tasks are executed by those involved.

At QMCG we love helping dream the function and practical, helping connect businesses and brands with the tools they need to achieve the boundaries and freedoms their brand(s) demand day-in and day-out.

By engaging and equipping business leaders, we’re empowering them to develop and launch and organizational culture that is as strategic as it is unique and reflective as their brand.