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Supporting every effective brand is a positioning strategy that drives planning, marketing, and sales. Positioning evolves to create openings in a market that is continually changing, a market in which consumers are saturated with products and messages. Positioning takes advantage of changes in demographics, technology, marketing cycles, consumer trends, and gaps in the market to find new ways of appealing to the public.

Positioning is a revolutionary branding concept developed by Al Ries and Jack Trout in 1981. They defined positioning as the scaffolding on which companies build their brands, strategize their planning, and extend their relationships with customers. Positioning takes into account the mix of price, product, promotion, and place—the four dimensions that affect sales.

At QCMG, like Ries and Trout, we’re convinced that each company must determine its position in the customer’s mind, considering the needs of the customer, the strengths and weaknesses of that company, and the competitive landscape. This concept continues to be a fundamental precept in all marketing communications, branding, and advertising in everything you do. This is why it’s one of the cores of a brand identity.

We help articulate who you are, what you do and why you matter through the brand mirror. On one side of things, we have to articulate the functions of who you are to the customer, and then the functions of the customer in your brand channels and processes. The goal is to make it easy for the customer to buy, easy for the sales force to sell, and build brand equity in every step, resulting in growth.

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