The right name is timeless, tireless, easy to say and remember; it stands for something, and facilitates brand extensions. Its sound has rhythm. It looks great in the text of an email and in the logo. A well-chosen name is an essential brand asset, as well as a 24/7 workhorse.

A name is transmitted day in and day out, in conversations, emails, voicemails, websites, on the product, on business cards, and in presentations.

The wrong name for a company, product, or service can hinder marketing efforts, through miscommunication or because people cannot pronounce it or remember it. It can subject a company to unnecessary legal risks or alienate a market segment. Finding the right name that is legally available is a gargantuan challenge. Naming requires a creative, disciplined, strategic approach.

The right name captures the imagination and connects with the people you want to reach.

Danny Altman, Founder + Creative Director, A Hundred Monkeys


Naming a company is easy, like naming a baby.

Naming is a rigorous and exhaustive process. Frequently hundreds of names are reviewed prior to finding one that is legally available and works.

We’ll Know it When We Hear It

People often indicate that they will be able to make a decision after hearing a name once. In fact, good names are strategies and need to be examined, tested, sold, and proven.

We’ll Just Do the Search Ourselves, How Hard Can It Be?

Various thoughtful techniques must be utilized to analyze the effectiveness of a name to ensure that its connotations are positive in the markets served.

We Can’t Afford to Test a Name

Intellectual property lawyers need to conduct extensive searches to ensure that there are no conflicting names and to make record of similar names. It is too large a risk—names need to last over time. No one likes a cease and desist order, let alone to pay punitive and potential damanges.

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