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Font Find: Outlier

Font Find: Outlier

Having grown up in Buffalo / WNY area, I’m often font of my Canadian friends–even watch the majority of their channels and programming as a child. I’ve even fallen in love with some great agencies, digital app companies, and now a new little foundry.

I recently discovered Practice Foundryand wanted to share one of their fonts today.

Practice Foundry is an independent type foundry and a collective space for showcasing the work of amateur type designers in Canada. Our goal is to create a stronger Canadian typographic presence.

The typeface on here I thought I’d showcase is Outlier, by Colin Poon.

This designer’s clearly channeling Didot. And how appropriate, timely, and innovative.

With its thin ascenders, and transitional components, horizontal stress, and flat serifs, Didot’s become incredibly popular in alternative uses, which for the most part, in posters, album covers, and alternative displays.

“Outlier is a Neoclassical Romantic inspired serif typeface currently made up of one distinct italic weight. The idea was to create something with enough visual interest to be used primarily in display but also keep some sense of legibility when used as titling or small headers.

Outlier incorporates the Romantic period’s distinctive traits of hyper-modulated strokes; abrupt, thin serifs; an intensified rationalist axis and unique elements such as the distinctive characteristic found in the lowercase’s square-like terminals.”

Feel free to check out their website, download, and pay what you’d like. We think this is a Font Find worth mentioning.*

*Please note, we get no credit for our sharing, just the joy of sharing it.

outlier_1 outlier_5


Download it here.

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