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make the donuts. and get paid.

Thanks for your interest in our company, we’re flattered.

It’s not every day that people say they want to be with and work for you.

At QuantumCMG, our team members are our most valuable assets–how they think, their perception, intuition and experience are invaluable. Our people are our number one priority and investment.

We strive to hire the leading experts in each of capabilities so we can offer our clients the best resources possible. We’re proud of our company culture, as its an environment led by solutions, skills, satisfaction, and success–four dependable metrics that yield incredible results, paving the way for no only superior creativity, but exceptional commerce and design execution.

Our word environment is currently a virtual, results-oriented ecosystem, with a focus on technology, equipping with tools, resources, and results.

We have a variety of roles and opportunities available on the internal and external levels–from brand strategists to graphic design to verbal branding, design research, and business development. Every skill has multiple levels of experience within our framework, helping QCMG excel and offer our clients incomparable services.

To join our team, we’re looking for individuals with commercial-grade experience, innate branding perception, strong typography and photography selecting abilities, and a creative edge that provides a point of view, but also is commercially-viable to partner with our clients. Personally and professionally speaking, this candidate must also have had significant business, brand, client, and creative experience – a dynamic mix to compliment our team as we assemble it.


One thing you’ll notice:

We label our roles according to terms found in The E-Myth, such as entrepreneur, manager, and technician. Its part of our business brand culture, it simply refers to whether you’ll be dealing with opportunities / idea, people, or things most of the time.

Also, we have three career tracks, Senior-level, Mid-level, or Ground level. There’s tiers within tiers is what we’re saying. Read more about ’em before you jump to it.

While we’re not corporate, we are professional, so please follow instructions–it is important.