the core of who we are inside

At QCMG, we have a heart for health–believing that healthy individuals run healthy businesses. While we come from different backgrounds, experiences, and differences abound, ours is a culture and ethos that celebrates health. To us, health = true wealth.

Discover some of our values that make us distinct, and in our hopes and perseverance, some of the healthiest, most unique people you meet.

Here are some core beliefs that we use to govern ourselves, as soul work comes before office work.


We believe responsibility is not only a choice, but a privilege. We don’t spend money you don’t have, and work with what we’ve been given. This applies to our skills, relationships, resources, passions, and actions.

Optimize, Not Maximize

While we believe in potential, sets goals, and work hard toward success, responsibility demands we be healthy in with our time. There are no late work nights, 80 hour workweeks, or 85% travelling jobs. We do the best with what we’ve been given, and acknowledge healthy boundaries in our personal and professional lives.

People First

We believe that people come first. Whether its the client, your customer, spouse, or child, people are the most valuable focus to invest into. Then things, then money.

We Invest Wisely

Our focus is to invest most into people, you can see it in our management style and where we spend our money. This is one reason why currently we are both a Virtual and Results-Oriented Work Environment. Our focus is missional, not self-centered. We don’t need onxy tables, presumptuous marbled-walnut tables or Ikea furniture and a collab loft to prove it.

And while our projects are significant, they are short-lived, and momentous. They connect people with ideas and the brands behind them. This is whole reason we exist as a company.

Satisfaction Must Meet Success

While we all are successful in various roles, it doesn’t mean those roles are internally fulfilling. At QCMG, our team feels an intense amount of internal reward doing what they love while being successful at the task. We also know that their skills are focused, and drive the direction of their role with their passions, not employee reviews and corporate-stylized. competencies.

Faith makes Healthier People

Faith in deity, others, and self makes healthier people, there’s no doubt. While the focus of our faith differs, it never fails in the hope that we have for truth, justice, loyalty, and honor for one another–not just a basic respect. We celebrate that our faith allows us to refresh our souls and give something to offer others, even if its not the fountain they’re looking for–its the drink at the moment they need. That’s hope.

Open Hands

A clenched fist is universally know, even by animals. All that we have was given to us, and believe that the best way to live life is with open hands, allowing and investing in places that are fruitful, worthy, and connect others.

The Word No

Yes is a new phenomenon, to the Generation Y + Millennials. We don’t believe you can hear enough of the word “No.”
Using the word “No” allows you to be more responsible, have healthy boundaries, put people first, feel more satisfied with your successes, affirm your faith positions, and be authentically genuine with yourself and others.

Be, Do, Have.

We believe in a reality that human beings should be, no do. Or else, we’d be called “Human Doings.” We remind ourselves that we be ourselves first, and out of that do things that are according to where we are, and the fruit follows. Performance, Approval, and Searching for significance is self is empty, and is a selfish act.


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