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Who is QCMG?

Quantum Creative is an industry-leading branding agency headquartered in Nashville, TN.

We work with people at the heart of organizations who are passionate about unlocking the potential of their brand.

We are an organization of passionate individuals, united by the profession of brandology–the process, practice, and professionalism of strategy-first branding. Brandology™ uses design research, sequence of cognition, semiotics, and evidence-based values to discover informed positions for brand strategy–not emotionalism, trends, or marketing “expertise” to function in an commercial, consumer environment.

We believe that people are drawn to energized–products, people, or places–things that are naturally positive and evoke emotion, inviting them into an experience that engages them, creates movement and leads them into involvement, relationship, and commitment with genuine brands through brand salience.

We draw from the experience, knowledge, and instinct of our people, creating the best team for each project. We use industry-leading design research to ensure our clients are informed, our solutions are justified, and our solutions are innovative.

We nurture the unique perspectives that come from diversity and work together with our clients to spark the brightest and most original ideas.

We work with local, regional, and national brands, in a wide variety of sectors: consumer brands, B2B services + products, education, civic, education, digital app + community, and entertainment.

Clients come to us because they want to change–grow, advance, shift, realign, or even backup–to improve the perception, behavior, and performance of their brands. They value and understand the role of strategy-first design, know that good ideas do not exist without excellent execution, and that strategy is an involved, imperative process towards change.

Take a moment to discover who we are, what we do, and how we can add incredible value to your organization.

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