hello, we’re fired up. we create passionate products we empower people with purpose we plan powerful moments. Quantum CMG creating energized brands. creating energized brands. Is yours next?

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Quantum CMG is a progressive, full-production branding studio located in East Nashville, TN.

We believe in unlocking and sharing what makes you unique, creating energized brands.

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All our brands go through a special gauntlet, similar to bootcamp + the legend of Zelda. Both are magical. Discover how we make them energized brands.

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No, I Will Not Eat Your $4.99 Meal, Thank You.

No, I Will Not Eat Your $4.99 Meal, Thank You.

What I loathe about this "deal phenomenon," is that by selling your product for $5, you're…
A Win-Win Approach to Conflict.

A Win-Win Approach to Conflict.

It's the type of conflict you don't wish on your enemies. It's the type of conflict…